After spending three years building my resume with internships, jobs and extracurricular activities, it’s time to start thinking about the real world. I had some great feedback about the blog I kept in London, although it lasted only a few weeks. I’m going to do my best to use this blog to chronicle the experiences of my senior year, balancing 30hrs/week of work, a full time class schedule and what I’d like to consider a blossoming social life… All while hoping and praying I’ll land the job of my dreams by the time I graduate. Can I do it? Let’s hope.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Drop and Meet us at Fenway!

Twitter is a great and curious networking tool. I was recently sought out on twitter by a company seeking to hire college seniors for a graduate program. I was a bit skeptical, but opted to go with it. And, after a few cold call phone interviews, they invited me to what soon became the strangest and most exciting job interview of my life.

Disclaimer: I LOVE job interviews.

Because I love job interviews I was intrigued when I was told on a Tuesday evening to clear my schedule from 6pm the very next day until 10pm Thursday evening. The only instruction was to report to Fenway park with a photo id. The dress code? “Come as you are.” Part of me wanted to hang up the phone and forget about it, but the another part rationalized that it must be a legitimate program if they can rent out Fenway Park… so I went for it.

After a brief cocktail hour/networking session with company managers, the 20 job candidates were divided into teams, provided with a tool kit, and sent to come up with a project. We had 20 hours to come up with a project that would inspire others and report back to present it. The tool kit contained a camera, a slinky, duct tape, and 5 cans of red bull- what more could we have POSSIBLY required?

As it all transpired, it was a tremendous learning experience. I am fascinated by organizational behavior and the dynamics of teams, so I found the entire ordeal very rewarding and insightful. My team of 4 came up with some great ideas and accomplished a lot in that short period of time. In the end, I wasn’t selected for the next round, but I think it is for the best. I had a ton of fun and learned a lot, but I don’t think the job was the perfect fit for me.

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